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Our Services vary from consultation on integrated electrical controls  to developing full blown software and/or hardware solutions to your situation.  We are willing and able to provide timely and professional service in most  electrical engineering in the following areas; Motion ControlHMI & Data AcquisitionPLC'sSystem Consultation  ,  Panel Design and Project documentation.


Systems are supported by our on site Start up Assistance and a 24 hour/365 day service network.



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Glass City Engineering provides complete engineered motion control systems.   We can integrate various speed and motion control products into complete production systems to meet specific application needs.  An engineered system can include AC, DC, servo drives.  These components may be integrated with Industrial Computers or PLC,  process controls, and instrumentation.   Programming and application specific documentation are additional services that can be provided. 










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Glass City Engineering offers a full range of MMI solutions for all your manufacturing plant floor and machine control needs. As a certified application designer using USDATA Factorylink , Wonderware Intouch and Allen Bradley RSview32 and Panel View. Glass City Engineering is qualified to provide a Man-Machine Interface that can be configured to meet your most specific needs and expectations.

Key Benefits

  • Full Integration with most PLC's

  • Share information with other applications

  • Historically monitor events and alarms

  • Interact with process easily



  • Alarming and Alarm Management

  • Warn Operators of problems before they

  • Display and acknowledge alarms in real-time

  • Attach instructions and operator

  • comments to accepted alarms

  • Date, Time Stamp, Prioritize and Group Alarms

  • Log to Printer or Disk File

  • Historical Trending

  • Collect, Display and Archive Process Data

  • Export Data to DDE-compatible (Windows) applications

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Charting and Alarming based on real time data

  • Monitor and adjust process to insure that the process remains within specification

  • Saves money by Maximizing Quality and Minimizing Waste

  • Recipes & Batch Management

  • Create recipes to produce any quantity of end product on any line you choose

  • Combine Formulas, Generic Procedures and Product Specifications to create Recipes

  • Adjust recipes on-line without shutting down process

  • Batch Processing

  • Quality Control & Analysis Reporting

  • Free-form Reports that are printed, written to disk or reviewed on-line

  • Operator Help Messages

  • Pop up instructional messages to assist users with machine/system operations

  • Messages describing recommended corrective actions

  • System training help messages

  • Initialization, Start up and Shutdown Help Screen





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Glass City Engineering, Inc.  believes that fully understanding the needs of our clients is crucial to an overall system design success. We will make sure that we have a clear understanding of your requirements, and only then will we determine the best solution.

Among the most important concerns of any company is properly investing in new capital or upgrade existing processes.  Because every company faces the constraints of a limited budget, choosing projects that provide the greatest return is essential to being competitive. Usually, however, capital investment decisions are not just a matter of comparing financial indicators. Often there are important technical comparisons necessary that require the skills of an engineer.

What's more, you'll find our systems will not only meet your needs today, but provide flexibility for future modifications  saving you both time and money.






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Glass City Engineering, Inc can design and supply custom control enclosures, Motor Starter/Drives Enclosures, and Operator Stations, as well as supply control hardware (including instrumentation, motor controls, and computers) and software. 

  • Determine PLC types and sizes, I/O cards, racks, power supplies, etc.
  • Determine all digital analog required
  • Configuration of complete systems
  • Network configuration
  • 480 VAC diagrams
  • 120 VAC and 12/24 VDC control schematics
  • Sizing of all conductors and conduit per NEC
  • E-Stops, control relays, and other hard wired control logic
  • Sizing of all required transformers and power supplies
  • UL Listed Panels (If required)

  • Custom Enclosures

  • Built to specifications

  • Extensive quality control check includings:


    • Complete I/O Check

    • Communication Verification

    • Operational check of drives

    • PLC program check (optional on build projects, included in design and build projects.)








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Glass City Engineering, Inc (GCE)  has extensive experience with Allen-Bradley PLC2, PLC5, and SLC500 and Texas Instrument  processors. The company owns a variety Allen-Bradley PLC hardware for project development and testing. Data Highway Plus (DH+) and Ethernet connections are available at every workstation, allowing network applications to be thoroughly tested prior to site installation and process startup.

GCE’s  PLC services range from emergency support (T&M), to full "design-build" projects.  Control application experience includes (GML) for the Allen Bradley drives to PID Loops, Batch, Sequence, Motion, Packaging, and Material Handling. PLC programming languages include Ladder Logic,  (GML) for Allen Bradley's , Structured Text and Visual Basic.



[ The company’s relationships with Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software provide GCE with access to tools and exposure to the latest technologies available from Rockwell Automation.]














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Glass City Engineering's project documentation is developed in-house using "industry standard" software, and may be turned over at project completion on floppy disk or CD. The following are examples of documentation we can develop for you:
· Maintenance Manuals · Operator Manuals · I/O List
· Functional Requirements · Bid Specification · Testing/Checkout
· Conduit Layouts · P&ID

· Process Flow   Diagram

· Panel Layouts · MCC Single-Lines

· I/O Wiring and Power  Distribution

· CAD Drawings

· Control Module Specifications