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Old equipment may be redesigned to meet your current needs by utilizing the newest technology.  Glass City Engineering (GCE) has successfully repaired and rebuilt different types of processes for the glass industry, such as Glass furnacesCNC cutters, CNC grinders, Glass Bending Presses, etc.

As a consequence of the rapid development of numerical control systems for these processes, many control systems , PLCs and Drives spare parts are obsolete which contributes to the increase cost of maintenance and is also responsible for longer than necessary down times during  the manufacturing process.   
We are able to design new electrical control systems for these older processes described.  Our new control systems are designed with openness in mind, allowing for different control devices to be substituted in the control system with little effort, This is in the event of  part unavailability.  Further into the development of the retrofitted process, mechanical improvements can be made to help meet today's demanding cycle times needed to meet production requirements.  This new control process will sometimes give advantages for both manufacturing and maintenance.
Retrofitting is a considerable approach when contemplating replacing a complete process. GCE, Inc can provide an open designed control system giving the manufacturer the flexibility needed  for manufacturing competitiveness for years to come.